Pub Shed

These are made from fresh cut Timber that is dried and then each piece is cut to size!


This highly versatile flat pack garden drink bar is suitable for both garden entertaining and storage, and what could be better than your very own Pub Shed? The fold-down counter is a practical addition to any barbecue, somewhere safe to serve food and drinks, and prevent the spillages that are inevitable if you mix children or pets and outdoor eating.

If you want to store barbecue equipment, or other garden tools or furniture (for all the times the NW weather turns sour), 

the solid timber shutters and sturdy cylinder lock will help it safe and secure. 

Meanwhile, the solid timber walls, tongue-and-groove roof boards, flooring and pressure-treated foundation joists will protect the contents from rain, wind and damp.

This DIY flat pack garden drinks bar is built to last, with high-quality materials and workmanship,  which has 29.2mm timber walls.

This Pub Shed is delivered with ready-made wall elements, and you can easily build it yourself at home, even if you only have basic DIY skills. This building does include  a floor, you can fix it directly onto decking, concrete or paving slabs, and the pack includes straight forward instructions.