A Little About Us

A quick little story.
We started selling backyard chicken coops in 2014 after we realized we needed a chicken coop!
As many do, we saw the cute little chicks for sale at only a few dollars each and brought them home not realizing what would very quickly grow into full size chickens and be needing a home of their own.
A few weeks went by and we started shopping around not wanting to spend over a $1000 for a chicken coop and being reluctant to the start the time consuming project of building one from scratch ourselves. We came up with some models of our own to simplify the process of building a coop and taking care of your flock. 
We have tested and improved upon many features that set us apart from other companies out there. All of our models feature vented windows, easy slide out cleaning trays and galvanized hardware cloth. All of ours coops are shipped from the USA. Some models may be adapted from other designs you see out there, but they are all our own we take care to pay attention to little things, all of our coops are stain with an animal safe water based stain and features unique to us. 
We can offer an affordable options to end your search for your new chicks home.
Thank you for Supporting our small family business.