Shipping Questions. 

1. How are these shipped?

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Coops are shipped via UPS ground in 1-3 boxes to the lower 48 states. Shipping to Canada can be done, please inquire for shipping prices. 

2. How long does shipping take?

Depending on if the Coop is available (If it is not in stock we have a Shipping ETA -which are estimated time frames of when the coop will ship on website). Transit time takes any where from 1-5 days depending upon where you are located. 

3. Do you build the coop for me or does the coop come already assembled?

We do not assemble the coop for you. The coops are assembled and then disassembled and boxed for shipping. Things like hardware cloth(wire), doors, windows and vents are all done for you. It is up to the buyer to put their coop together. These transport best boxed. Typical assembly time is 1-2 hours. 

4. Will the coop keep my chickens warm enough?

Yes, our chicken coops will help protect your chickens from the elements. In some states where temperatures get below 12 degrees for stretches at a time customers may need to winterize their chicken coop. 

5. Does the coop come with all hardware needed to assemble it?

Yes, all screws and hardware come with the coop. Wire mesh is already installed on the panels for you. 

6. How long does it take to build these?

These take about 1-3 hours to assemble depending on which coop you have. All coops come with easy picture directions and step by step instructions. 

7. Can I come look at the coops?

At this time no as we do not have coops setup for display. As well as we are truly a small family run and operated business working off our 2 acres with no store front. 

8. Are the Coops predator proof? 

 Yes, chicken coops will help protect your chickens from predators. 

9. Do these coops come pre-treated? 

Yes, all coops come pretreated with an animal safe water based stain. Yearly maintenance is recommended to sustain the life of your coop. 

10. How heavy are the coops? 

Depending on the model the coop weighs between 100-190 lbs. The coops are light enough to be tractor style or moved around if desired. 

11. What size is the coop? 

All overall dimensions are given for each coop, this includes nesting boxes. If you need more specific measurements, please inquire.