Terms & Refund Policy

Terms & Conditions 


ALL ETA's for pre-order are estimates! We cannot guarantee due to many delays on materials from COVID.

We offer a 30 day Warranty from unusable defective parts and majorly damaged from shipping. Within 30 days we will replacement necessary parts at no charge. After 30 days all replacement parts will need to be purchased. Minor appearance scuffs and damage that doesn't effect the usability or appearance will be on case by case.  Send photo's of the packages upon arrival if damage is suspected.

 A 25% cancellation fee applies to all cancelled orders, no exceptions.

Cancellations are not offered once the coop has been prepared for shipment. 

(As a small family run and operated business that bases production off orders we do adhere to this cancellation policy which is agreed to by the purchaser upon checkout.) 

We are unable to accept Returns. If your coop arrives with damage please follow the damage protocol below. 

Coops that are re-sold or gifted are void of the 30 day replacement part policy. Replacement parts will need to be purchased. 

Chicken Coop's are a heavy, and time consuming item to ship and can get a little beat up during transport returning the coop to us can cause further damage to the product. As well as we are unable to receive any coop back that has been used by an animals, due to health concerns. 

Shipping Damage:  Often, the boxes look worn and tattered, but the contents are fine or have minor dents and dings that won’t affect the functionality or usability of the coop such as a small area of wire or a small chip to the wood. Unbox the coop and take photos of any damage you see (both the coop and the boxes), take note of any missing parts and email us with photos at sales@urbannorthern.com Please do this as soon as possible, as a claim has to be filed with the shipper. Neglecting to inform us in a timely fashion may result in a delay in replacement parts or in the case of "limited edition coops or colors" where we may not have replacement parts available after the 30 day timeframe. 

Shipment Refusal: If the shipment is refused for any reason, you will be responsible for the full cost of the shipping and the  return shipping, which will be deducted from the refund. If you notice damage at the door, instead of refusing, follow the guidelines in Shipping Damage above.

Release of Liability:  UrbanNorthern does not assume any liability for any of its products. By purchasing from this website the customer agrees to the release.