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Spring is coming!

Well at least I hope Spring is coming. The PNW has had more snow in a February that it has had since 1923. That being said our local tractor supplies and co-ops have loads of baby chicks. Every year it seems the list gets longer of the cute chick offerings they have. Here at hardly a spring goes by that we can't resist adding some new chicks to our flock.  Something important tips. Baby chicks should be kept inside (garage is typically our recommendation) with a heat lamp that it closely monitored.  The best time to put chicks out into their coop is between 6-8 weeks. Or when they have lost all the downy feathers and begun to grow...

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Bumble Foot & Heat Lamps

Hope everyone is having a great New Year so far. 2017 is off to a fun start for us! We got a Christmas puppy- Atlas the Mini-Australian Shepherd joined us Christmas Eve. He has been so fun and we think he is going to make a perfect little addition to our farm.  BUMBLE FOOT:  This past November we noticed one of our ducks had a very exaggerated limp. Alan caught her and we examined her foot which had a large wound on the bottom of it. We had never experienced Bumble foot nor had we really heard of it. So for 2 weeks straight nightly Alan would round up the duck - Alice, while I prepared a warm epsom salt...

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A Little About Us

A quick little story.   We started selling backyard chicken coops in 2014 after we realized we needed a chicken coop!   As many do, we saw the cute little chicks for sale at only a few dollars each and brought them home not realizing what would very quickly grow into full size chickens and be needing a home of their own.   A few weeks went by and we started shopping around not wanting to spend over a $1000 for a chicken coop and being reluctant to the start the time consuming project of building one from scratch ourselves. We came up with some models of our own to simplify the process of building a coop and taking care...

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