Getting Started

There are so many benefits to having your own flock of chickens. The most compelling reason of course is Fresh Eggs! Having your own mini Farm to Table experience can be rewarding and much easier than you may be expecting. 

Here is what you need in getting started to raise chickens:

What types of Hens should I add to my flock? 

I find most people ask what types of chickens are good egg layers? We have found reliable layers to be: Rhode Island Red's, Marans, Buff Orphingtons (friendly personality's as well), Leghorns, Golden Sussex, Ameraucana (Blue eggs!), Waydotte's (one of our personal favorite breeds and so pretty), then there are the fun chickens that bring a lot to your flock as well like the Mille Fleur's, Silkie's, Polish hens, Russian Orloff, D'Uccle, Frizzle's. They all lay too but they add a lot of personality as well. 

You must also consider if you are comfortable having a rooster in your flock. Do you want fertilized eggs? 

Raising hens from chicks are the best ways to bond with your birds. Keeping more than 2 birds together will keep them from being lonely.

Space for your Chickens

Chickens do not like to be overcrowded and a coop can take up a lot of space. Based on how many hens you have you will need to accommodate the size of your coop. Giving your hens room to roam around a yard will also keep them healthy and happy- just like us they need to be able to exercise and spread their wings.

Keeping your hens safe should be a top priority as well. Household pets, like dogs or cats, are potential predators for your chickens.

Backyard Chicken Coops

You will need a place to house your hens, at chickencoopsnw we offer 4-5 different options From the Lodge to our newest one the Retreat. We offer affordable coops that are easy to assemble and made to be tractor style if so desired. Our coops come in 2-3 boxes depending upon the model. All of the wall panels, roof panels, and doors are pre-assembled with hardware cloth attached, vents and windows already in place. Step by step easy to follow instructions are included with every coop.

Feeding your chickens
Feeding your chickens a balanced diet is important. 
I like to start with a good layer feed, and provide grit. Chickens will eat almost anything. They can have table scraps of fruits and vegetables. Letting them free range to find bugs is a great option. I like to use meal worms as their treat. That way if I need them to come to the coop I can "call" them in by shaking their bag of meal worms. 
Keeping their water fresh is also important. 
Raising backyard chickens can be a great way to create responsibilities for your children.  

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